Rob Warren
Lead Pastor

Rob started following Jesus as a senior in college. Prior to starting Doxa Church, he led as pastor of H2O Church, a collegiate reaching church in Bowling Green, OH, and helped to lead a growing network of churches throughout the Midwest. Rob and Lisa have been married for 9 years and have two children, Lily (4) and Titus (2). The Warrens are passionate about connecting the gospel to people, people to community and community to mission.

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Ronnie Goble
Salt Company Director

Ronnie started following Jesus as a freshman in college and felt called to church planting during his senior year. He served for 3 years with H2O Church at Bowling Green State University and 1 year with the Salt Company at Iowa State University before moving to Madison to be the Salt director at UW Madison. He and his wife, Kaitlyn, have partnered with Rob and Lisa Warren and The Salt Network to reach the University of Wisconsin.


Jesse Antelman
Creative Arts & Worship Director

Jesse started following Jesus at a young age, but had his greatest season of growth while in college attending Salt Company at Iowa State University. He has been on staff at Salt and Cornerstone Church for the past 10 years. He and his wife, Rachel, have been married for 8 years and have three sons: Brody (4), Braden (3), and Braxton (8 months). The Antelmans have decided to join the Warrens and Gobles with the Salt Network to reach UW and Madison.

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David Livingston
Church Planting Candidate

David and Steffi Livingston and their son Silas will soon be moving to Madison to join the Doxa family. David has served as the Director of Salt Company at Veritas Church in Iowa City for several years and will be jumping on staff as our first ever Church Planting Candidate.

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Connection Group Director

Born in Australia and raised in Kansas City, Amalie started following Jesus at an early age. After years of nursing, God redirected her into counseling and discipleship with Salt. The longer she knows Jesus, the more she wants to tell others about the incredible hope He gives and help others as they walk through difficulties, and she can't wait to see what God does in Madison through His church.

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Sam Roberts
SST Resident

Sam grew up in Iowa and started following Jesus in middle school while attending Cornerstone Church of Ames. At Salt Company, he served through student leadership, summer missions in China, and interning for the visual arts team. Sam graduated from Iowa State University in 2018 in Graphic Design and is now pursuing a masters degree in Theological Studies through the Salt Network School of Theology. He serves Doxa in the areas of visual arts and local missions.

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SST Resident

Katie grew up in Iowa and started following Jesus in college through The Salt Company at Iowa State University. After graduating for ISU in 2018, Katie moved to Madison and served Doxa by leading one of the first Salt Company groups at UW - Madison. Now Katie is excited to jump on staff with Doxa and pursue a Masters in Theological Studies through the Salt Network School of Theology.

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Jess Schmidt
Doxa kids coordinator | Events & Administration Assistant

Jess grew up in the church and knew Jesus from a young age, but grew closer in her relationship to the Lord in her years as a student leader with H2O Church. She joined the H2O staff team for 1 year before she heard God calling her to Madison. Jess and her husband, Cody are excited to share the gospel and God's love through their lives to those in Madison!

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Caleb Burlile
Production Coordinator

Caleb grew up in a Christian home but didn't fully live out his faith until high school.  He continued his journey at h2o church at Bowling Green State University, where he was a student leader and intern.  Caleb married his beautiful wife Abby in July of 2017.  Caleb is currently pursuing his Masters in Theology at Doxa.